This is how you check the last use of Telekomsel credit

Telecomsel is a trademark of GSM and UMTS cellular network operators operating in Indonesia. This brand belongs to a well-known company Telecom Indonesia and Indosat owned with 65% stake Telecomsel and the rest of Indosat at the start of its launch on May 26, 1995 in Jakarta.

The Telekomsel itself is divided into several types of cards, which we all know by name KartuAS, loop, sympathy for prepaid SIM card types and for postpaid Kartu halo, Telkomsel has become the ruler of the SIM cards in Indonesia due to its very broad network coverage even after Indonesia, Telkomsel itself is part of BUMN or State enterprises because the Telekomsel one BUMN.

There are also some challenges for their users behind the very broad network coverage, for example the prices for Internet, telephone and SMS packages are very expensive, but due to the high cost of their services they sometimes also offer many SMS promotions, for example If you send 5 messages, you will receive 15 free messages to other telecom islands.

Since the price of the service is high, users who are always thrifty will definitely feel it excited if your heart rate suddenly goes low or even runs out, you get curious and want to know what credit you have used so far, well, Telekomsel itself has provided one of the free functions with which you can check your credit usage, but unfortunately Telekomsel only shows that last transaction, if you’re curious, here’s the tutorial.


1. You call through Smartphone you use SIM card Telekom to number * 887 #

2. When you see a result like the one below, dial the number again * 888 * 77 #

3. Then the results will be displayed as shown below.

4. Done.

Note: In step 2, in addition to getting results, you can try to call * 888 * 77 # For some numbers, the results will usually appear immediately as in step 3.

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