This is how you activate the Windows Snap function in Windows 10

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft (as the maker and creator of the Windows operating system) made a commitment to its users to improve the user experience in this sector. Multi-windowwhere users can see (and edit) more than one window every time. The presence of this accessibility depends on a built-in Windows feature called. together Windows snapwhere users can freely manage pages window which can be accessed, either one or more.

How to activate the function Window snap under Windows 10.


1. Open options settings under Windows (can be accessed by pressing the WIN + me on the keyboard or by pressing the gear logo on the Windows start).

2. Partly settings, Choose an option system. Later we will be redirected to the system settings page.

3. Select an option in the navigation area multitasking. Later we will get settings for quick access to Windows devices.

4. Then im Work with multiple windowsActivate functions Windows snap using the button provided for this purpose.

5. After the corresponding function has been activated, make sure that all three boxes under the function button are activated. By ticking the appropriate column, we can maximize the benefit Window snap on our Windows.

6. To use Windows snap, Pull side window What we want snap to the end of the screen Desktop Computer. If it succeeds, window will automatically resize by adjusting the spacing Desktop which is available on our Windows.

This is the tutorial for activating the feature Windows snap in Windows 10. Hopefully useful.

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