This is how you activate the text-to-speech function in Windows 10

In its manufacture, Microsoft want users of the application to always be able to easily interact and use various functions on their devices, both normal and disabled users. teller is one of the accessibility features in Windows.

Specialty teller intended for users with vision problems so that users can interact with the application with the help of a wizard virtual. on teller, at each step the user is notified by voice or audioso that users can easily find out what actions or activities they are performing without relying on the associated application’s visualizations.

How to activate the function teller under Windows 10.


1. Open options settings under Windows (can be accessed by pressing the WIN + me on the keyboard or by pressing the gear logo on the Windows start).

2. Partly the settings, choose an option Ease of access. We will be redirected to the accessibility page later.

3. Select an option in the navigation area teller. Then activate the function of teller by pressing the option on of your choice Use Narrator to read and interact with your device. To facilitate access to use teller, Check column Allow the keyboard shortcut to start the speech output. Later we will easily access Narrator by pressing the button WIN + CTRL + ENTER At keyboard.

4. When we want to perform the functions teller When Windows starts, check the column Start voice output after logging in and Start Narration before signing in for everyone.

5. When we want to change the voice actor settings teller, and then select the Voice Actor option available in the column Choose a voice. We can also adjust the speed to the pronunciation spacing by changing the slider value in the options provided.

6. To ensure that teller executed every time the user takes an action, teller will convey the position of the page, a description of the user’s activities, the content of the text on the associated page, as well as other information about the page viewed by the user. This is indicated by the appearance of a blue box on the accessed page.

This is the tutorial for activating the feature teller in Windows 10. Hopefully useful.

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