This is how you activate the Telegram Voice Chat function

Tired of sending Chat normal? Well, you can try Telegram Voice chat or voice chat for activities Chat you get funny.


Telegram continues to grow here and is becoming a very popular chat application. Not only because the application is reliable in terms of data protection, the existing functions can be described as very satisfactory and still superior to other similar applications.

Due to the increasing number of users, some time ago Telegram improved the performance of its application by adding a new feature, namely Voice chat. What is the meaning of Voice chat and how do you use the function? Read more below.

Voice chat

Of course we are application users Chat already know the name Voice call Yes, it’s been with Telegram for a long time too. And now Telegram also offers a new feature that is Voice chat. Although the two look similar, they both have significant differences.

Specialty Voice chat is the same function as we send Chat with plain text just use the voice. Almost similar to Voice call No? activities Voice chat very similar to the functions of the Discord application. Where we can chat with teammates Games.

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Interesting functions Voice chat This makes it easier for us to join the chat at any time without having to wait for invitations from other users to join the chat.


1. So far, this function could only be used for groups or channels and it could also be used for admins. If you understand Tap in the Group Names section Tap symbol 3 items in the group description menu.

How to enable Telegram's voice chat feature

2. Several menu options are displayed. Tap only Start voice chat. Next, a picture of a duck will appear Podcast or Pop up Menu, choose Start voice chat.

How to enable Telegram's voice chat feature

3. When the picture appears microphone and also textYou are live ” means voice Chat can already be used. You caninvite Friends to join in Tap Invite members. Then to other activities in Smartphone Tap stud Overlays. Well, you come to the menu later Voice chat overlay, Tap Activate activate.

How to enable Telegram's voice chat feature


Voice chat very suitable for those of you who are looking for a new atmosphere Chat. Besides the user Voice chat You can use the functions on Telegram to carry out other activities Overlays At Voice chat the.

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