This is how you activate the AutoSave function in Microsoft Office 365

The well-known company Microsoft produces different versions of its flagship applications, namely Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office is an Office application package consisting of Microsoft Word as a document maker application, then Microsoft Power Point as a presentation maker application and there is Microsoft Excel as an application . Spreadsheet very famous.

The versions of Microsoft Office provided by Microsoft include 2003, 2009, 2022, 2022 and the most recent 2022. However, many do not know that Microsoft Office also has a special version that is caste the top of all versions of Microsoft Office, namely Microsoft Office 365. What sets this version apart from other versions is the functionality that is always available. up to date without having to download new apps again.

There are so many differences highlighted by these two versions, with 365 being more complete than the other versions, one of the features is like Save automatically Every change we make is automatically saved in the cloud and of course this feature will be very useful for those of you who are working on an important project and are afraid of adverse events if you are curious about what Automatic saving Microsoft Office 365, here is the tutorial.


1. If you haven’t installed the OneDrive app, you’ll need to install it first.

2. If the OneDrive application is already installed, open the application and you will be asked to Sign up Your Microsoft account to apply.

3. If you Sign up, open the desired Microsoft Office 365 application (e.g. Word 365).

4. You create a new worksheet.

5. Then a button will appear in the upper left corner Automatic saving, you turn the button on.

6. A notification will then appear to save the data save automatically If you have followed steps 1-3, there should be an option to oneDrive – personal, you choose oneDrive – personal.

7. Wait for the synchronization process.

8. When the synchronization process is complete, the button will be automatic Automatic saving what’s in the upper left corner changes to AT.

9. Try making some changes to your worksheet. The application will automatically save it to your OneDrive as described below.

10. Done.


When you install Office 365 Original, the OneDrive application is usually installed automatically with Microsoft Office, not just OneDrive, applications like Skype and OneNote are installed automatically.

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