This is Free Hero Rotation in Mobile Legends During May 2022

Mobile Legends free hero rotation


Mobile Legends free hero rotation

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends every week always presents free heroes that players can use when playing in any mode.

For example, you don’t have a Fanny hero, with this free hero rotation, you can use Fanny and a series of heroes that you don’t have.

Not all heroes can be free, there are a total of 8 free heroes rotated every week and an additional 6 heroes for Starlight Member players.

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This May, Mobile Legends has announced a free hero rotation in the 1.3.74 update. Here’s the explanation:

Period 3-10 May 2022

Fanny, Hayabusa, Harley, Hanabi, Irithel, Lapu-lapu Moskov and Ruby

6 additional free Heroes Starlight Member:

Hilda, Claude, Diggie Jawhead, Chang’e and Lunox.

Period 10-17 May 2022

Roger, Franco, Chou, Helcurt, Argus, Jawhead, Alpha and Belerick

6 additional free Heroes Starlight Member:

Ruby, Lesley, Hanabi, Hylos, Thamuz and Badang.

Period 17-24 May 2022

Bruno, Cyclops, Hayabusa, Zhask, Lolita, Lancelot, Karrie and Aldous

6 additional free Heroes Starlight Member:

Sun, Lapu-lapu, Natalia, Grock, Argus and Claude.

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Period 24-31 May 2022

Franco, Estes, Karina, Gusion, Angela, Hilda, Selena and Uranus

6 additional free Heroes Starlight Member:

Clint, Moskov, Harley, Lancelot, Leomord and Thamuz.

Each period above follows the server time which you can see in the settings on the top right corner.


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