This is Build Aulus Hurts 2022, the New Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends

Aulus Mobile Legends

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Aulus Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Moonton has finally officially released a new Mobile Legends hero named Aulus on the public server.

Currently, Aulus is also available in the Shop menu and can be purchased with 32000 battle points or 419 diamonds.

Aulus is a Mobile Legends hero who develops the main role as a Fighter, but can also be used as a Tank.

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Just like Mobile Legends heroes in general, Aulus has three main skills.

The three skills consist of Aulus, Charge! (skill 1), The Power of Ax (skill 2), Undying Fury (skill 3).

Well, because it’s still new, of course, many Mobile Legends players are confused about determining the Aulus build.

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But from now on, you don’t have to worry anymore because GridGames will share the 2022 Aulus build.

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