This is an easy way to rank Mobile Legends from Grandmaster to Epic.

This is an easy way to rank Mobile Legends from Grandmaster to Epic. As we know before, when playing Mobile Legends games at tier or rank levels, everyone is adjusted to their abilities. For example, players below the Epic tier are still completely unreliable players in playing Mobile Legends games.

Conversely, players at the Register Tier and above are players who have an 80% understanding of Mobile Legends games. So basically Mobile Legends’ tier or rank feature is to measure each player’s abilities.

Raising your rank isn’t really easy, but it’s possible if you play and continue to understand all Mobile Legends heroes. However, while many Mobile Legends players claim to understand some of Mobile Legends’ heroes, they still struggle to break through the Mobile Legends ranks, especially the Grandmaster ranks. I am.

How can you quickly raise your Mobile Legends rank from Grandmaster to Epic, especially in ranks where feeder players gather? Here are some tips for those who want to get out of the Grandmaster!

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1. Don’t think about team composition

One thing to keep in mind with this Grandmaster rank is to never think about the composition of a team of tanks 1, fighters 1, mm 1, and so on. I don’t necessarily trust the player who plays the core hero, so why should I choose the hero that suits my mood?

2. Choose a strong hero core early or late

The next suggestion is that you have to choose a strong hero from the beginning to the end of the game so that you can control the game from start to finish. Powerful heroes from the beginning to the end, such as Kimmy, Lancelot, Gusion, Serena, and Herkart.

3. Purpose of play

The third is to play objectively by destroying the turrets one by one rather than killing the opponent, which usually means that GM rank players cannot see the map and their turrets are attacked. Is it because I don’t think about it?

These are easy ways to rank Mobile Legends from Grandmaster to Epic. In reality, these tips are a bit selfish, but how do you get out of this rank quickly? And take all the buffs if possible ..

It’s better to trust and rely on your abilities than to rely on other players who don’t necessarily understand how to play this game. By the way, please do not use the above tips and spinners as additional information if you are not in the GrandMaster rank. These tips are useful for players below the Grand Master level. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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