This is a list of the original Arcane Series soundtracks, There’s Imagine Dragons!

Original Soundtrack Arcane

Riot Games

Original Soundtrack Arcane

GridGames.ID – In less than a week, Riot Games’ first animated series, Arcane, will officially air.

Besides the storyline, another aspect that fans are also looking forward to is the Original Soundtrack (OST) of the Arcane series.

As is known, Riot Games is known as one of the game developers who are also familiar with the world of music.

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The real proof is that they have a virtual girlband named K/DA which is based on the character of the League of Legends game.

After much anticipation, Riot Games has finally officially announced the Arcane series Original Soundtrack.

There are a total of 11 songs from various musicians and music genres that are the OST for the Arcane series.

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The interesting thing is that the 11 songs were not released at the same time, but gradually.

Yep, the 11 songs in the Arcane soundtrack are divided into three release batches in line with the Arcane episode airing.


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