This is a list of 3 new games that will be coming to Xbox Games Pass July 2022

GridGames.ID – At the E3 2022 event, Microsoft focused on discussing the Xbox Game Pass service.

The technology giant from the United States revealed various strategies for developing Xbox Game Pass.

One of the main strategies is to introduce new games every month.

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This was immediately put into practice by announcing a new Xbox Game Pass title for July 2022.

Unmitigated, as many as three new games will certainly be able to be played by Xbox Game Pass subscribers starting next month.

As GridGames collects from Gamerant, here’s a list of three new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022.

Cris Tales

The first game title that will be coming to Xbox Games Pass 2022 starting in July 2022 is Cris Tales.

This indie game carries the traditional turn-based RPG genre with a time traveling mechanism.

Cris Tales is slated for release on Xbox Game Pass on July 20, 2022.

Customers can try the game without the need to make additional payments.

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