This hilarious mod meets CJ and Big Smoke at Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of Games with which the discussion never ends. When a topic is finished, another topic appears that is no less exciting. The often discussed discussion is actually just mod.

Para Modders like never running out of ideas Games Sekiro looks great in the eyes of the player. For those who play in console, you must be the unlucky one because you can’t taste it Modifications that extraordinary.

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For the player PC realized that they were luckier. Yes, a number of mod interesting comes on and the newest is mod funny about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Those of you who really like it Games that must know dong Carl Johnson (CJ) and his rival Melvin Harris (Big Smoke).

Recently a
called DropOff made a mod
with CJ and Big Smoke in Sekiro games. Mod this goes to the account of a youtuber named Horheristo. There, CJ and Big Smoke fought in a fierce battle that was to be fought by Wolf and Genichiro.

The dialogues and the aura of the fight really feel very rivalry. CJ and Big Smoke also use Genichiro and Wolf weapons. Of course there is mod that adds more to the library mod to the Sekiro games.

before GTA Mods: San Andreas this is viral, Sekiro was reinforced by a mod Character named Woody from Toy story.

aside from that mod Character, some Modders also added mod in the form of a polishing or redesign of the wolf character himself. I personally have over 5. written mod best worth trying Sekiro from para player Pc.

For more information, Sekiro is a Games created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware. Games it’s the same as Blood transferred and Dark souls where the level of difficulty is the main selling point. The difference is Games It has an interesting storyline to follow.

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