This hero officially gets the Season 17 Mobile Legends skin

This hero will officially acquire the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 17 skin at the end of September 2022.

A few days later, Mobile Legends will soon reset the 17th season at the end of September 2022.

The player’s rank is then adjusted to the long-standing rules of Mobile Legends.

In addition, players will earn significant battle points and tickets, and will receive exclusive free skins at the end of the season.

Later at the end of Season 17 of Mobile Legends, Moonton Special skin For this one hero.

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Skin Season 17 Mobile Legends

The hero is Cyclopes Short in one eye, the most unique looking magician in Mobile Legends.

next, Cyclopes skin Named at the end of Season 17 of Mobile Legends Zombie Bambino The actual appearance of this skin itself vampire..

This was confirmed directly by Mobile Legends through an Instagram post, as shown below.

According to Moonton’s Instagram caption, you need to log in on the day September 26, 2022 To receive rewards: Battle points, tickets, and this Cyclopes “Master Rank Zombie Bambino Skin”

What do you think of Spinner’s reaction to the final prize of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

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