This FreeFire (FF) Youtuber uses cheats, which is what LetDa Hyper says!

Ruok FF was caught using cheats, this is LetDa Hyper!

Cheat is the one I hate most in all games where gamers exist, especially online games, as it can harm other players.

Not only is losing harmful, but even if you aren’t using cheats, cheating teammates may be banned because they are considered to have won fraudulently.

Garena recently updated its security system to address this fraudster issue, but in reality many still use it.

One of them is YouTuber from Thailand Ruoku FF This is well known to FF players and even Indonesian FF Youtubers.

Recently, it turned out that Luoku FF is actually using it hack It makes him look good, here’s the information!

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Ruok FF Cheat, LetDa Hyper Help Description!

LetDay Hyper explained this when the Thai Youtuber stated that it used a script or hack that Garena couldn’t detect.

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After watching and paying close attention, LetDa discovered the irregularities that occurred in Ruok’s aim and eventually issued a statement that he used cheats.

One of the moments LetDay saw Ruok shooting an enemy far behind the Gloo Wall, Ruok’s pointer immediately moved towards the enemy.

Source: YT LetDa Hye

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As you may have noticed, he makes an unmistakable guess for this ex-professional player.

Moreover, it is absolutely impossible to hit a series of headshots throughout the game as well as the player is good. This happened to Ruok FF, as the only damage he received during the match was headshot damage.

There are no white or yellow numbers in the game, and most of the numbers that come out are red numbers. This is a number that indicates headshot damage.

One of YouTubers, Born2Kill, He also states that the script / hack used by Ruok was a high level script and Garena could not detect it.

If you are interested in LetDa Hyper commenting on the Ruok FF video, you can watch the video directly below.

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