This famous figure will be present as a new FIFA 21 player, who is it?

The figure of Kiyan Prince in the game FIFA 21

EA Sports

The figure of Kiyan Prince in the game FIFA 21

GridGames.ID – Recently, EA announced that they will present a new FIFA 21 player who is inspired by a famous footballer.

However, the footballer is not a figure who is still active in the world of football today.

However, the famous figure who will appear as a new player for FIFA 21 is a former soccer player who has died or has passed away.

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The figure was once a potential young former football player who was commonly nicknamed the wonderkid.

In fact, many people predict he will become one of the great football players in the future.

However, before becoming a great footballer, this new figure in the FIFA 21 football game has already died at a very young age.

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Then, who will appear as the new FIFA 21 player?


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