This Developer Plays Flappy Bird on MacOS Notifications, How To Do It?

GridGames.ID – A developer named Neil Sardesai managed to enter and play the Flappy Bird game on macOS Big Sur notifications.

On May 9, Neil Sardesai posted a tweet revealing that macOS users would be able to enter and play Flappy Bird on push notifications they.

Neil Sardersai also uploaded a video showing that he can play Flappy Bird on his Mac’s interactive notifications.

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In the video, Neil gets a smooth and minimalistic gameplay because he plays in the notification pop-up.

Neil himself uses his mouse and touchpad to run this game.

Did you know you can put a whole game inside of a push notification

— Neil Sardesai (@neilsardesai) May 9, 2022

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The popular game Flappy Bird garnered a lot of attention in 2022-2014.

To bring Flappy Bird, Neil Sardesai took advantage of a new framework in the User Notification Interface on macOS Big Sur.


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