This CS:GO Team All Members Are Over 60 Years Old

GridGamesID – For you game lovers, aka gamers, you must have thought about spending your life just playing games until old age.

Those of you who may be between 20-30 years old mean you have been loyal to playing games for 15-20 years.

Will you still be loyal to playing the game until the next 20 or 30? May be.

In fact, there is currently a CS:GO esports team whose all members are over 60 years old.

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The team, called Silver Snipers, has the youngest member at 64 years old. While the oldest member is 76 years old.

They are Oivind ‘Windy’ Toverud (76), Baltasar ‘El_nino’ Aguirre (65), Wanja ‘Knitting Knight’ Godange (64), Inger ‘Trigger Finger’ Grotteblad (67), and Abbe ‘Birdie’ Drakborg (76).

Silver Snipers members

Silver Snipers members

The team was formed after a DreamHack held a seniors-only CS:GO tournament in Sweden.

According to DreamHack, CS:GO was chosen because it is quite easy for seniors to understand.

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