Things You Need To Know Before Playing CBT World of Dragonest

World of Dragon Nest is a game adaptation of the legendary PC game, Dragon Nest. The developer behind the World of Dragon Nest CBT game is Nexon, a game company from South Korea that also made Dragon Nest in 2010. This MMORPG genre game will undergo a Close Beta Test stage on August 1, 2022. Things you need to know from this test is as follows:

Size and How to Download World of Dragon Nest CBT

The size of this game is around 1.9 GB, so if you want it to run smoothly you must have an empty internal of at least 3 GB. How to download is to visit the website , if the system approves your request, click “DOWNLOAD IN GOOGLE PLAY” to download the game. Oh yeah, you can only play this game if you registered for CBT yesterday.

CBT system

Things You Need To Know Before Playing CBT World of Dragonest

There are only a few main stories or main stories that you can play in World of Dragon Nest CBT. Namely Prolouge, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. The maximum level you can reach is 59. Nests that you can access are CERBERUS’s Nests, APOCALYPSE, TYPHOON KIM. The Colosseum you can play is SINGLE PVP, TEAM MATCH, FREE FOR ALL.

Know the Following Problem

Things You Need To Know Before Playing CBT World of Dragonest

From Nexon, the developer of The World of Dragon Nest provides some information for players who will play. The information includes, players cannot use the features [AUTO BATTLE] in Sea Dragon Defense. In Time & Space you cannot invite your friends when they are matched. The in-game language and icons have not yet been announced.

Bugs That Can Occur During CBT

Things You Need To Know Before Playing CBT World of Dragonest

Some of the bugs that you will encounter in World of Dragon Nest CBT are as follows:

  • The game may look abnormal when it is “SAFE BATTERY MODE“.
  • Your character will not be able to return if you enter ST.Haven before completing the main quest. [TIDAK ADA SOLUSINYA] so you have to recreate the character.
  • Stuck while in the tutorial period. [SOLUSINYA] Just skip the tutorial, bro.
  • Cannot use HP Potions. [SOLUSINYA] use manually via inventory or set “Auto Use” in settings.


Your data will be reset after CBT is finished, so don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun, after all you will also get a CBT participation prize. And if you find a BUG, ​​you will be rewarded!! What’s the prize? Let’s keep watching MobileAgue!

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