Things To Do Before Setting Up 120hz Screen While Playing Mobile Games

GridGames.ID – The development of the era makes smartphone devices or gadgets now able to run screens with a frequency of 120hz.

This means that smartphone users who can run this frequency can view videos and play games with 120 FPS settings.

Well, various mobile game titles have also now added a 120 FPS setting feature, such as Real Racing 3 or even the newest one is League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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LOL: Wild Rift posters

Riot Games

LOL: Wild Rift posters

Although our eyes can’t fully capture movement from 120FPS, we will feel a smooth or smooth sensation when playing games.

With the 120 FPS feature activated, a number of positive and negative effects will also be felt by gamers.

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Here are the positive effects of using 120FPS for gaming:

  • The game feels smoother.
  • Movement becomes faster.
  • Touchscreen is getting more sensitive.
  • The visuals of playing mobile games feel like playing PC games.

Here are the negative effects of using 120FPS for gaming:

  • Smartphones will heat up faster.
  • Drain battery energy.
  • If the FPS drop, it will be more pronounced.


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