Things That Cause Bad Breath When Fasting

When it is time to enter the fasting month, it seems that there are many challenges that must be faced, guys. For example, holding back lust by not watching prohibited anime genres or even playing game genres that have the potential to break your fast.

The challenge during fasting is not just holding back hunger and thirst, guys. However, what most people complain about is bad breath when fasting. Well, that’s why TipsPintar will discuss the causes of bad breath during the fasting month. So, let’s just listen to the end, okay?

Things That Cause Bad Breath

It must be uncomfortable, guys, if your mouth smells bad, this can also cause our self-confidence to decrease. So, let’s listen to the things that cause bad breath, so you can pay more attention to your oral hygiene.

1. Oral Hygiene

Things That Cause Bad Breath When Fasting

Oral Hygiene

The main cause of bad breath is an unclean mouth. For example, not brushing your teeth after eating.

To avoid bad breath from the mouth, it would be better if you clean your teeth after eating!

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2. Lack of Mineral Water

Things That Cause Bad Breath When Fasting

Lack of Mineral Water

The second reason why your mouth smells bad is because of a lack of mineral water, guys. Previously you already know that mineral water produces saliva which can eradicate bacteria in the mouth.

So, if you don’t rinse it with saliva, it will smell bad. So that you don’t have bad breath, try drinking enough water. So, don’t just apply the habit to prevent cavities so you don’t have bad breath, guys!

3. Foods Consumed

Things That Cause Bad Breath When Fasting

Food Consumed

There are certain foodstuffs such as onions and spicy spices that can make your mouth stink.

In addition, the bacteria in the mouth will produce a lot of smelly gas when it is working to break down protein or fish, especially if there are pieces of meat stuck in the teeth and not cleaned properly. This gives the risk of bad breath will be more pungent.

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4. Medicines


In addition to food, it turns out that there are also drugs that cause bad breath. For example, drugs for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

If you are an outpatient for the disease, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor regarding when to take your medicine! So that your mouth doesn’t smell bad when fasting.

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5. Smoking


Smoking is one of the causes of bad breath when you are fasting or not. Because when you smoke, the smell of cigarette smoke will stick to your clothes or body.

This habit will make the mouth dry and emit an unpleasant odor. Smokers are also more prone to other oral problems. Not only does it smell bad, smoking is also one of the causes of lung disease.

So, those are some of the causes of bad breath when fasting. What do you think? Come on, write your opinion in the comments column below.

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