These Tips & Tricks For Newbies In Final Odyssey By Zauharant

Hi Mobileague Friends, This time we will try to share a summary of Tips and Tricks from one of the games published by a game publisher who has a Professional DotA 2 team in Indonesia. Anyone know what the name of the DotA 2 pro team is? yes that’s right RRQ aka Rex Regum Qeon. Everyday. For those of you who have played Final Odyssey from the start, surely you have started to memorize what must be done every day to increase the strength of our favorite Hero lineup.

But for new players, there is a possibility that you will experience a little confusion when you first play Final Odyssey. Although there is a basic tutorial in the game, it is not enough. Therefore, in this article, we will help you answer some of the most common questions asked by novice players in Final Odyssey.

Here Are Tips and Tricks For Newbies In Playing Final Odyssey By Zauharant

Q: How do we level up our character?
A: Unlike other MMORPGs that seek EXP from grinding by defeating as many monsters as possible, the main source of EXP in Final Odyssey is obtained from quests, be it daily quests or main story quests. It is highly recommended to do all daily quests such as Trinity, Youdu Shadow or Raid Hall. Because in these quests, it gives big EXP to your favorite Hero.

Q: What quests are there in Final Odyssey?
There are lots of quests that you can do every day in Final Odyssey. There are quests that you can do alone, but there are also those that require good cooperation with other fighters. These quests include Youdu Shadow, Trinity and Astral. By doing this party quest, you can also get to know Fighters from other countries, you know!

Q: Auction? What’s that?
If you find an item that you don’t want to use while playing Final Odyssey, you can sell the item to Auction and you can get Gold Coin (GC) from the sale of the item. In this Auction you can also buy rare items such as wings molds or entities which are materials for making high-level wings!

Q: Why can’t you level up? Stuck at 19? Help!
Calm! Your hero is fine. You only need to upgrade your character’s equipment until the “Advance” button appears. After the button appears, click it and you can continue to level up your character.

Q: Do you have to join a guild?
Forming a guild or joining an existing guild in Final Odyssey will bring many benefits to you. There are some quests that can only be done if you have joined a guild. Of course this really helps the development of your heroes in Final Odyssey. But the main advantage of joining a guild is the exciting Guild War feature, massive PVP between guilds!

Here Are Tips and Tricks For Newbies In Playing Final Odyssey By Zauharant

Explanation of Events / Quests:
1. Trinity: Team quests that can be started at level 11 are quite easy for beginners and can be left on auto
2. Youdo Shadow: Team quests that can be started at level 20 are advised not to auto and focus on the boss
3. Slayers: team quest that requires us to look for npc slayer in any citykota
4. Arcadia Raid: Team quests that can start at level 30 are recommended with high levels and the difficulty level increases with each stage
5 Astral: team quests that require teamwork, the higher the astral the greater the experience gained
6. Brotherhood: Team quests that can only be done on Wednesdays
7. Odium Raid: Team quests that can only be done on Fridays and Saturdays
8. Matchmaker: team quests that can only be done on Fridays and Saturdays, almost the same as Slayer
9. Surveillance: team quests that can be done with guild members or can be done alone or in pairs are recommended for three to get more rewards, this quest requires the party leader to look for an npc called surveillance
10. The Bandits: the same as surveillance, this quest requires us to be at the Guild Base to find Bandits and spawn random bandits delivered at 9 to 23 bandits only appear at minute: 00
11. Arcanus: solo quests that require players to answer questions
12. Guild Quests: solo quests can be done auto
13. Leader Quests: solo quests can be done auto

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