These are three Aero Wolf GFLX players who can win the MPL Invitational Champion.

These are three Aero Wolf GFLX players who can win the MPL Invitational Champion. As we knew earlier, Genflix Aerowolf earned a formal qualification for the MPL Invitational Playoffs through a dramatic match. They were able to beat Bigetron eSports very strongly in a three-game game.

However, there are three names behind Genflix Aerowolf’s victory over the Bigetron eSports team: Rave, Billy, and Watt. The performance of the three was truly amazing and exceeded the expectations of Indonesian Mobile Legends fans.

Rave and Billy, who appeared to support Watt, played very well and made few mistakes against Bigetron yesterday, but Watt, who was at the heart of Genfrix Aerowolf’s line of attack, also took the position. Looks fierce and very smart to maintain.

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Uniquely, they were also on the same team, Aerowolf, before they officially became Genflix Aerowolf players this season. Just as Aerowolf didn’t work with Genflix in MPL ID Season 1, Rave, Billy, and Watt were able to give the team the MPL ID Season 1 title.

After that, the three players split into different teams and eventually returned to the same team for the second time. And their three players were already in the Mobile Legends Indonesia pro scene. Given his wealth of experience, it’s not impossible for Genflix Aerowolf to win this MPL Invitational event. For that reason, expectations are high as a veteran player in the professional scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Also, the three players must have had strong chemistry and understood each other’s characters. They will once again prove their quality at the MPL Invitational Playoffs, which will face Geek Fam Malaysia on July 3-5, 2022.

Is it interesting to see if their performance can bring glory to Genfrix Aerowolf again, like yesterday’s Bigetron match? And GFLX Aerowolf is this year’s MPL Invitational with these three Can you win the championship? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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