These are the voice actors for STUN characters in the ‘Together’ video clip

Mobile Legends STUN Group Member

Mobile Legends STUN Group Member Not long ago Moonton surprised the internet world with their newest work that could be really cool, namely a video clip to connect their latest skin line-up. STUN

The video clip, which is often juxtaposed with K/DA, has succeeded in attracting many eyes because of its catchy song and really cool visuals.

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However, because they are too busy comparing with K/DA, many don’t realize that Moonton didn’t tell who the figures behind Selena, Chou and Brody are in the video clip.

Well, for those of you who just thought about it. Incidentally, GridGames has found the answer to that question.

According to the “Together” lyrics page on Genius, the three STUN singers are Gabe Reali, EJAE and Substantial. Surely you are not familiar with the name?

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If so, it seems more fun if we get to know them. I don’t know, so I don’t love. Haha.


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