These are the top 5 terminators for PMWL East 2022. Do you have a BTR player?

These are the top 5 terminators of PMWL East League 2022. Are there any BTR players? The opening weekend of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East League 2022 Tournament is over and Indonesia’s national team Bigetron RA has taken the lead with 136 points.

The Bigetron RA was recorded during the two-day opening weekend, which went through eight rounds very well. Bigetron RA was able to collect three Winner Winner Chicken Dinners in Rounds 1, 2, and 10.

On the second day of the opening weekend, although he fell to 11th place in Rounds 6 and 7, Bigetron RA could not be removed from the lead. Rank 2 itself is occupied by Orange Rock with a total of 108 points.

Source: Liquidpedia

Bigetron RA has joined Group A on the League Play stage, along with BOX Gaming, NoChanceTeam, and Free Style. Meanwhile, the 9th-place MOPRH team will face Orange Rock, Valdas Esports and Megastar in Group B.

Source: Liquidpedia

I don’t think it’s right without seeing who the terminators from the opening weekend bring a lot of surprises. The two Bigetron RA players managed to become the top five terminators. That is, BTR Luxxy ranked first with 11 kills and BTR Ryzen with 9 kills at rank 5. Below is a list.

1. Luxxy BTR: 11 kills

2. RRQ Annie: 10 kills

3. Orange Gil: 10 kills

4. Yoodoo Fredo: 10 kills

5. Ryzen BTR: 9 kills

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Source: PUBG mobile esports

Hopefully, two Indonesian teams, BTR RA and Morph Team, will get the best results in the next stage of PMWL 2022, Spinner. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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