These are the Duties of the Village Innovation Implementation Team at the District Level

In general, the roles of members of the Village Innovation Implementation Team at the sub-district level include:

  • Receive and distribute PPID DOK, including preparing the Budget Plan (RAB);
  • Facilitating community deliberation meetings;
  • Facilitating the implementation stages of smart practice management (identification, documentation, exposure and replication);
  • Facilitate villages wishing to adopt or replicate smart practices;
  • Carry out an agreed/funded discovery event;
  • Monitor and evaluate run discovery events;
  • Report the implementation of the event as a responsibility;
  • Coordinate with P3MD village assistants.

Specifically, the Duties of Team Members are as follows:

Chairman; tasked with leading the team in managing the implementation of the village discovery event and signing the PPID DOK disbursement document and accountability report.

Treasurer; tasked with administering the management and financial transactions of DOK PPID, as well as assisting the Team Leader in planning accountability reports.

Smart Practice Management Field; in charge of facilitation of the stages of managing insights, mainly in the stage of recognizing and documenting discovery events that have been handled in the villages. The activity documentation that has been made is submitted to the Regency Innovation Team for verification and is designated as a learning document that should be disseminated. This field is also tasked with disseminating (publication) the practices of innovation events that have been recommended by the District Innovation Team.

Innovation Verification Field; tasked with investigating and verifying the needs of villages to replicate discovery events through APBDes. This field also helps the District Innovation Team to test the feasibility and suitability of smart practices or inventions to be developed in their area.

(Processed from PTO Village Innovation Program).

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