These are the 5 Highest Earning Twitch Streamers of 2022

Illustration of playing game with JBL Quantum Range


Illustration of playing game with JBL Quantum Range

GridGames.ID – Game streaming is one of the most popular jobs in recent years.

Both from within and outside the country, we can find hundreds, even thousands of game streamers.

One of the game streamer platforms doing live broadcasts is Twitch.

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The audience can find various types of games, ranging from Fps, MOBA, RPG, to “cash” games.

Probably, no one imagined that just by playing games one could earn.

In fact, the income earned far exceeds that of a pre-existing job.

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Well, this time GridGames will share info on 5 game streamers on Twitch with the highest income.

Who are they? Immediately see on the next page.


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