These are the 10 Fastest Players in FIFA 22, Decorated with Many New Faces

FIFA 22 cover looks, Kylian Mbappe


FIFA 22 cover looks, Kylian Mbappe

GridGames.ID – EA Sports has released the latest rating list for players in FIFA 22.

Different from before, this list focuses on rating the fastest players in FIFA 22.

Many new faces adorn the list of FIFA 22’s fastest players, even entering the top 10.

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Not only that, the list of the fastest players in FIFA 22 is also dominated by talented young people.

Of all the names, this time GridGames wants to summarize the 10 fastest players in FIFA 22.

Who are they? Read more below!

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10. Linton Maina (Hannover 96)

Linton Maina (Hannover 96)

EA Sports FIFA

Linton Maina (Hannover 96)

In 10th place there is a winger from Germany who strengthens Hannover 96, Linton Maina.

Overall, Maina got a rating of 70. That’s right, she has a pace rating of 94.


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