These are mandatory items that all Mobile Legends 2022 fighters must purchase.

A must-have item for the 2022 Fighter Mobile Legend! Fighters are one of the most frequently used roles by Mobile Legends (ML) players.

Fighters sell because most fighter heroes are very easy to play, have a good balance of offense and defense, and are strong one-on-one in the side lanes.

So it’s not surprising that the heroes who are often banned in ranked matches are the strong fighter heroes in the side lanes. Examples of these fighter heroes can be found here.

There is one item that is really essential for fighter players and very good for most fighters to use.Those items Brute force breast plate.. This item is very often created by professional players, but for some reason it is rarely used in general.

A brief description of brute force breastplate items

This item is a physical defense item that provides additional + 770 HP and +45 physical defense.

In terms of additional stats, it’s actually mediocre and inferior to other physical defense items such as antique Cuirass and Dominance Ice.

Fighter essentials, brute force breast plate
Item Function Brute Force Breast Plate

However, the purchase of this item is of its unique passive nature.Passive This item will be shipped 3 bonuses It’s important to be able to be on the stack as much as possible 5 times..

  • + 3% movement speed
  • +4 Physical defense
  • +4 magic defense

When this item is stacked 5 times. The effect is really good, ie: + 15% movement speed (Addition of movement speed next to Hunter Strike item, +20 physical defense ( +65 Physical Defense And item default stats), +20 magic defense..

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Why Brute Force Breast Plates Are Suitable For Hero Fighters

Most fighter heroes are melee heroes who need to play the bar and are desperate to get into the middle of a team fight.

Therefore, many enemy heroes work on fighters by stunning, pushing, or throwing them to keep them away from the enemy’s core.

Unlike assassin heroes who can use dash skills to participate in team battles. Most fighter heroes have to walk on their own.So you really need a hero fighter Fast movement speed Therefore, it is not easy for the opponent CC to work on it.

An additional 15% movement speed is very fast importantEspecially when used by heroes with skills to accelerate movement speed, such as Uranus, Esmeralda, and Yoo Jung.

You can see that Uranus R7 runs very fast and you can easily get in and out of Team Fight.

Five stacks from a brute force breast plate are also very easy for fighters, as they can be triggered using the skills and basic attacks that fighter heroes almost always need. Basic attack after skill combo Of their hero.

Fighter heroes usually have very low cooldown skills, so they can continue to use (spam) their skills.

And don’t forget that the price of this brute force breast plate item is free 1870, Antique Cuirass (2170), Thunder Belt (2290), Dominance Ice (2010) and other physical defense items are relatively cheaper.

A hero suitable for using brute force breast plate items

  1. Uranus
  2. Esmeralda
  3. Freyja
  4. Ballad
  5. Tammuz
  6. Ruby

All the above heroes have the skills they can spam Continuously, especially if you have purchased cooldown shortening items.

Since these heroes usually need to hold their body during team battles, this item is very suitable as it provides additional high defense and high movement speed.

Let's see how fast the cooldown skill is after Ruby is reduced by 40%! Therefore, you can spam your skills with brute force breast plates!
A ruby ​​with a very fast cooldown skill when the CD is reduced by 40%. Suitable for use with this brute force breast plate item.

So the brute force breast plate is an item Mandatory Mobile Legends Fighter! Try the spinner right away. When using the Side Lane Fighter, start using this Brute Force Breast Plate item in your match. It’s guaranteed to be useful, and hopefully you can push your rank to the mythical level!

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