There’s Something Exciting and Unique from Hago! Prizes for HP Honor, AXIS Hyphone and Lipstick

Hago casual games which has been downloaded by millions of people in Indonesia has mastered top ranks on Google Playstore is now holding a “Lipstick Challenge”. Feeling challenged? Immediately take home Honor HP prizes, Axis Hyphones, credit vouchers and the most unique thing is lipstick as a gift from MAC and MAKEOVER (more excited, cin!).

Lipstick Challenge playable on Hago platform start 10 – 20 May 2022 supported by AXIS and Honor. This will be the most challenging casual game, because it looks easy to play but you will be required to be careful to win the prize directly.

“We are very pleased to announce that this innovative game is officially launched in Indonesia with attractive prizes. We want to inform millions of users in Indonesia and invite them to play the game. After several games on the Hago platform become a favorite of millions of users, we believe Lipstick Challenge will be a popular game this month,” said Valen, Country Manager of Hago Indonesia.

This is how to play this game. For Hago users, you can quickly find this in the game selection. As for new users, Hago is available on Android and iOS so you should immediately download Hago on Google Playstore and Apple Store.

“Lipstick Challenge” is a fun game that takes the theme dart. To get started, you will be given 5 tickets which are used for the chosen prize target. After that, you can throw lipstick directly into the spinning wheel according to the quota given in each level. If you can pass the three levels, you will have the opportunity to get the reward you have chosen.

Then what if the tickets run out but you haven’t managed to win the game? Don’t worry, when there’s a will, there’s a way. You can get additional tickets for more winning chances by inviting friends to join HAGO. You can download it via Facebook or WhatsApp easily. So the more friends you invite to join, the more extra tickets you can get. Cumulatively you can invite 3, 5,10, 15, 20 and 30 new users to get the gift pack.

So choose your prize and play the Hago Lipstick Challenge together with millions of other players across Indonesia!

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