There are eight PINC 2022 invited teams.

There are eight PINC 2022 invited teams. We have long known that June 2022 will be the month of qualifying for the largest PUBG Mobile Indonesia tournament. The tournament we mean is PINC 2022 and all non-professional teams will strive to qualify for PMPL Season 2.

The PINC 2022 tournament itself is the most vibrant tournament and has been very enthusiastically welcomed by Indonesian PUBG Mobile players. Why aren’t they happy with this PINC qualification, which allows non-professional teams to participate?

This tournament is open every day, and anyone can participate, whether it’s a professional team, an amateur team, or a solo player. PINC 2022 itself is most likely to be held online from the qualifying round to the final round due to the outbreak of corona still involving Indonesia.

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And the registration itself was held yesterday, June 5-6, 2022, and seems to be followed by thousands of PUBG mobile team participants from all over Indonesia. After that, only a few teams Qualify for the playoff and play against eight other PUBG mobile teams from the invitation route.

The eight teams are Evos eSports, Genesis Dogma, Siren eSports, Island of Gods, XCN, Nara eSports, DG eSports and Bahampaz. These are all teams that failed to qualify in yesterday’s PMPL Season 1 Qualifying Round. Meanwhile, several other large PUBG Mobile teams, such as the Bigetron RA, Morph Team, Onic eSports, and Boom eSports, are waiting for PMPL Season 2.

Spinners, more chances for non-professional teams to show off in this tournament will allow them to play in PMPL Season 2. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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