The Witcher Makes Recipes from the Game for Fans

Cooking is an activity that is quite popular with many people, and even some of them are no exception: Gamers. Recently, serial games The Witcher famous as action games The best RPG of its time releases a cookbook inspired full of games-his!


The Witcher does look “busy” with some project lately. Besides this cookbook, they also seem to be working on it The Witcher game project latest.

In collaboration with Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka from WitcherKitchen and NerdsKItchen, The Witcher cookbook will feature approximately 80 unique recipes inspired by the world. The Witcher and come from various areas of The Continent.

Collaboration with food blogger well-known reputation, supported by comprehensive research, is sure to take you hypnotized as if you are following a culinary adventure with extraordinary taste, with the main protagonist, Geralt!

The recipes in this book contain local and seasonal ingredients that are added with unique spices to shape the culinary flavors of The Continent,” they wrote on page pre order The Witcher’s cookbook.

“Start your meal with a bowl of stew or roasted fruit from the trees at White Orchard; End your trip to Velen with a meal from a local inn, snack on a tour of Oxenfurt Market, sample a meal from the Port City of Novigrad, eat freshly caught fish with a refreshing drink at the Skellige Islands, dine on dishes from the sun-drenched regions of Toussaint and Beauclair, or look for food on the treacherous road to Kaer Morhen to learn the secret recipe from the Witcher’s headquarters.”

The Witcher is serial video games which is an adaptation of a novel created by Andrzej Sapkowski which has the exact same title and story. Of course, there are slight differences from the adaptation with the original story in the book.

However, it still does not reduce the essence and fun in enjoying the journey and the fight from Geralt of Rivia. This excitement is proven by the loyalty of fans who are still enjoying the sequel The Witcher 3 until today.

Form hardcopy from The Witcher’s cookbook will be available for $35. Version hardcopy it’s already relatively affordable, but if you want to be able to buy it at a lower price, you can buy the Kindle version on Amazon for $15 (around Rp. 215 thousand).

Unfortunately, the cookbook The Witcher you can’t get it in the near future because it’s a good version hardcopy and Kindle of this book will be released at the same time, namely October 25, 2022.

Please be a little patient to be able to enjoy the meal that Geralt has enjoyed, OK!

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