The War of Genesis Guild Tutorial

Welcome mobile masters and admirals! What level are you in The War of Genesis game? Now it’s time for you to join guild. What guild and what’s the point of you if you join guild? Let’s follow the tutorial from Chunchunmaru below so that you are more fun to play and understand guild in The War of Genesishis.

Guilds and their Benefits

The War of Genesis Guild Tutorial

The place where players gather in the game for a specific purpose is called guild. In the guild You can discuss games and play together. You can also exchange gifts between admirals of the same guild. In fact, you can protect yourself inside guild territory and deposit resources to guild bank and earn interest.

Guild Eld

Guild Eld or the currency of The War of Genesis can be used for various activities guild, such as unlocking buildings guild and guild traits. Guild master can publish more stock than Stock Increase to get more guild eld. Check your guild to donate guild elder what you get from hunting monsters huh.

Guild Rewards

The War of Genesis Guild Tutorial

In The War of Genesis, you can get gifts or also send gifts to friends guild your. You can send guild rewards by completing various activities guild. Present guild available for 24 hours after delivery, and gifts guild which is not retrieved will be deleted.

Guild coins

The War of Genesis Guild Tutorial

You can also get guild coins by completing missions guild, collect resources in guild mine, and battle against other Admirals. You can buy various items at guild shop with guild coins. In guild shop you can buy hero potions, 15-min speed ups, and others that you can access in the tab guild shop.

How about the admiral about guild is it clear enough? so you want to join guild where is it? Any guild as long as you are happy, you can also make Indonesia exist in this game even more by replacing your guild flag with the Indonesian flag. Let’s join guild! for those of you who haven’t played yet Download now!

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