The War of Genesis Event Japan Launch!

The developers of The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria are really nice bro, they gave us free event prizes! This event is to celebrate the launch of this game in Japan. Wow, even though Japan is far from Indonesia, but we still get splashed with the prize. Want to know more details? Let’s scroll down!

The War of Genesis Event Prize

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
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Don’t mind! The event given by Developer JOYCITY Corp. straight away. Not only do you get gold but you also get a hero, you know? What are you curious about, here are the prizes you can get at this event:

  • 5 Essence of Este Daudet (Fire) (x 600)
  • 500K Eld (x 20)
  • 100K Aedilium (x 30)
  • 1-Hr Speed ​​Up (x 100)
  • Summon Stones (x 50)

There are 600 Essences obtained from this event, so they are immediately converted into heroes! Wow, isn’t that a lot of prizes? How do you get it if there are so many prizes?

How to Get Prizes for The war of Genesis Event Launch Japan

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
Just click
war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
Click [Receive Item(s)] to get free Waifu!!

The method is very easy! You just log in, then on the main page, check your bottom right there is an envelope image, click the image, then check the message section, look for the message name [Japan Launching Reward], just click Receive(s) item. It’s easy? This event is from July 16, 2022 to August 06, 2022, don’t miss it!

Events Within Events

war of genesis Best Android Game 2022
Free events

Wow, it’s not just a check-in event! If you have got Este Daudet from the event, it will automatically trigger SPECIAL EVENT lol! What’s the special event? You just need to raise Este Daudet to level 50 then Awaken Este Daudet to stage 2. The prizes are a lot even though the missions are only 8, if you finish all the missions you will get 300 Essence Hero Este Daudet! That’s great, this event is only until July 27, 2022. So don’t miss it!

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