The Vice President of Realme Confirms the Presence of the Realme GT 5G Master Edition!

GridGames.ID – Recently, the Realme GT 5G Master Edition gaming smartphone was reported to be entering the production stage soon.

Later, the Realme GT 5G Master Edition is planned as a pro series from the Realme GT 5G.

Even if it doesn’t become a pro series, it’s likely that this gaming cellphone will become a special edition of the Realme GT 5G.

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The news about the Realme GT 5G Master Edition that will be produced itself is arguably not arbitrary.

This is because this statement was made directly by one of the important people at Realme.

Obviously, the important person who made this statement was the Vice President of Realme, Mr. Xu Qi.

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Then, what is the content of the statement from Mr. Xu Qi regarding this Realme GT 5G Master Edition?


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