The Undead Race is buffed! This is the Greatest Undead Combo Chess Rush 2021

Chess Rush is experiencing another patch update. As usual there are Races or Classes that are dinerfed and some are buffed. And what’s interesting here is that the Undead Race that is buffed by activating 2 Undead Combos will reduce the enemy’s armor which was previously 20% to 50% and 4 Undead which was previously 50% to 90%.

This Undead update is perfect for Class Warrior counters who also have their armor buffed to 300% (3 Warriors) and 500% (6 Warriors). Then what undead combos are suitable for use in this patch?, Check out the explanation below!.

Undead Combos: 4 Undead + 4 Goblins

This combo can be one of the undead combos that not many know about. The combination of the speed of the goblins and the reduced armor of the undead could be a perfect match. And here to use this combo you only need 8 slots, that includes 2 riders and 2 warlocks. You can also activate Assassin synergy by increasing to level 9.

For this Combo, the Heroes that you can take for the Undead are Calamity, Stinger, Glutton (you can replace it with Famine) and Missfortune. For the Goblin Race, you can take all of them because the Goblin Race only provides 4 heroes.

So the combo will be 4 Undead, 4 Goblins, 3 Assassins, 2 Warlocks, 2 Riders. You can also activate 3 Warriors if you enter slot 10.

*Warrior can be replaced with Hunter if you replace Glutton with Famine.

Combo 4 Punisher + 4 Undead

The Undead Race is buffed!  This is the Greatest Undead Combo Chess Rush 2022
Combo undead chess rush with punisher

It’s no stranger if the Punisher remains a frequently used combo. The Punisher is compatible with Elf, Undead, and Rider. Then what if the Punisher was combined with the Undead Race? Even though it’s been known for a long time and there’s a recommended combo, it looks like it’s going to be stronger considering the buffed Undead and the Punisher that deals a lot of damage. You can activate only with 8 slots.

If you raise to level 9 you will be able to activate Assassin. The combo will be 4 Punishers, 4 Undead, 3 Assassins, 2 Warlocks, 2 Elves. Only with 9 slots you can get a combo that produces big damage.

Combo 6 Assassin + 4 Undead

The Undead Race is buffed!  This is the Greatest Undead Combo Chess Rush 2022

A suitable combo combined with the next 4 Undead is Assassin. Assassin wins in damage but their HP is very thin, with 4 Undead reducing 90% of course this is very suitable.

In this undead combo you only need 9 hero slots instead of 10, because Stinger itself now includes the Undead Race. For starters, you can first enter 6 Assassin + 2 Undead, you can activate this only by Level-up to slot 7. And if you have entered slot 9 then 6 Assassin + 4 Undead will be complete. If you can Level-up to slot 10 you can enter a Warlock so that there is LifeSteal.

For this Combo the recommended heroes that you can take for Assassin are: HeadReaper, Horned Menace, Venom, Lilith, Stinger, Sword Dancer (If you can’t get Sword Dancer you can replace it with Siren).

The recommended heroes that you can take for the Undead are: Stinger, Missfortune, Glutton, Calamity. When you enter slot 10 you can add a Warlock, the recommendation for the warlock to be taken is Voodo Elder, so that Goblin synergy is also active.

How about Mobileague friends, are you going to use the undead combo that the author suggests or do you have any other combo suggestions? let’s comment below! To read other exciting content, let’s click here!!

Author: Fimatul
Editor : Habibi Yasin

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