The system was hacked, game vouchers at Indomaret were stolen by former employees

GridGames.ID – Do you like buying game vouchers at Alfamart or Indomaret? Yep, today’s game needs can be found anywhere, including Alfamart and Indomaret franchise outlets.

Minimarkets such as Indomaret and Alfamart are indeed increasingly complete by providing digital payments and purchases for various needs, including for online games.

However, local hackers took advantage of this convenience to steal game vouchers.

The culprit was a former Indomaret IT employee who saw a gap that could be entered.

The Directorate of Cyber ​​Crime, Bareskrim Polri, revealed a hacking syndicate against the Indomaret retail company server which was continued to buy online game vouchers.

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There are four suspects who have been arrested, namely EG, IT, LW, and BP.

The four were arrested in Palembang and Plaju, South Sumatra, on May 4, 2022.

“This case continues with a modus operandi to buy online game vouchers at Unipin and Google Play,” said the Head of the Public Information Section (Kabagpenum) of the National Police, Kombes Pol. 4).

EG and IT are known to be former Indomaret employees in the IT department, who were fired because of problems.

Both are suspected of using their experience and knowledge to carry out their actions.

EG and IT initially tried to illegally enter the Indomaret store chain in Palembang.

They retrieve data about Indomaret servers in a certain way.

They then use the internet network from hundreds of Indomaret stores in various cities and purchase online game vouchers.

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Meanwhile, two other suspects, LW and BP, played a role in helping the sale of the vouchers.

The suspects sold online game vouchers at below normal prices.

The evidence confiscated from the suspects included around IDR 40 million in cash, an account book, personal identity, smartphones, smartwatches, and computers.

For his actions, the perpetrators were charged with the ITE Law, the Criminal Code, and the Money Laundering Law, with a maximum threat of 20 years in prison.

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