The Story of Kidnapped Victims Who Use PS4 To Save Theirselves

GRIDGAMES.ID- In the midst of the enthusiasm of many people waiting for the latest PS5 console, which was just announced to be released starting November 12, 2022, there is a story that is quite astonishing.

This story involves the PS5’s predecessor console, the PS4, which managed to save the life of a kidnap victim.

A teenage girl who was kidnapped in Japan is reported to have managed to escape from her captors by using a PS4.

Before being found by the police, this teenager had been missing for about a month.

He was kidnapped by people he knew and had long-distance relationships. The person is a 44 year old man. This kidnapping happened after he came home from school.

The teenager was then taken to the kidnapper’s house and tied to a metal pipe, so he could not escape.

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Not only tied up, all the belongings of the teenager were taken by the kidnappers so they could not communicate with outsiders.

Luckily, this teenage girl found the kidnapper’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) console. The teenager also understands and can operate the PS4 console.

He then used the PS4 to send e-mails to the police. From that e-mail the police can find out where the victim is being held.


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