The secret hidden place of Vikendi PUBG Mobile Map!

Secret and Hidden Places on the Vikendi Map PUBG Mobile has a lot of great loot. Of course, where to jump is very important in this Vikendi map. This Vikendi map of PUBG Mobile has some hidden secret spots.

Vikendi PUBG Mobile’s secret location

All PUBG Mobile maps have secret locations where players can earn good loot. The map of Victory has a secret cave that is a little hard to find. Not many players know the location of the cave. The location of this cave is actually halfway between Peshkova and Podbost.

The entrance to the cave was covered with a thick layer of ice and snow. So it’s quite difficult to know the entrance to this cave. Players can drive or walk across the frozen river to reach a small ice hill.

Cars are recommended as you will need a car to break the rocks that cover the entrance to the cave. You can also use the flag grenade to open the entrance.

Inside, you’ll find loot such as the Kar98k, M24, M416, M762, level 2 and 3 helmets, and 6x scopes.

Vikendi PUBG Mobile’s hidden place

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There are some other lesser-known places, and there are many good items here. This is where players can start the match.


The castle is on a small island with a large lake. This is a huge loot. This place is a good place to get your team’s items. There are plenty of good places to hide and many enemies can be trapped when they come here.


Many players skipped this small town and went straight to nearby Dobromest and Crithas. This is a great place to get some good loot and wait for your enemies to pass through the city and be amazed and killed!

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Cosmodrome is a great land spot that many players ignore. However, there are many loot in this place. In addition, players can find at least one flare or flare fun at this location. This abandoned factory structure was also good for survival. When the team occupies this place, they will get off to a good start in the game.


The winery is located at the southern end of the map of Vikendi. This place is often overlooked because of its remoteness and remoteness. PUBG MOBILE players don’t like this place. But this winery is full of good weapons and level 2 helmets. In some cases, you can also find Tier 3 helmets and bags here.

Timber storage

This is a very small plunder site and is also open. This place is also good for killing a lot of bots that are easy to kill.

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