The release date of Paquito Mobile Legends (ML), a new hero who is a rival of butterflies!

Chow’s rival, the new hero Paquito Mobile Legends (ML) is on sale!

There is a new hero named Mobile Legends Paquito Currently only playable on Advanced Server Mobile Legends..

This new hero is a very special hero Paquito A hero in collaboration with Moonton and a world-class boxer Manny Pacquiao..

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Paquito Mobile Legends

Some things to pay attention to with new heroes Paquito This was before Moonton was officially released to the original server.

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s first boxing-style hero.
  • Butterflies’ potential rivals, Paquito, are superior to butterflies because they are easy to play and do a lot of painful damage.
  • Increase the hero fighter population to over 20

When will it be released on the original Mobile Legends server?

New Hero Paquito ml Mobile Legends

When is the hero’s release time Paquito This is for the original Mobile Legends server. How are you It will be officially released in May 2022.

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But If there are still bugs or system errors, it’s not impossible for Moonton to postpone the release indefinitely.

So, we are waiting for the release of this new hero from the collaboration between Moonton and Spinner. Manny Pacquiao..

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