The release date for the LoL Wild Rift Open Beta has been posted!

The release date for the LoL Wild Rift Open Beta has been posted!

There’s some offensive news for spinners who can’t wait to try out the latest Riot Games mobile games.

Riot has announced that it will postpone the release date of the League of Legends Wildlift Open Beta!

The decision was reported through the official LoL Wildlift Twitter account

“The movie trailer can be delayed a bit due to technical issues with opening the regional open beta.

We will keep you updated as soon as we make progress. Yes, please wait! “

Lol wild lift gameplay

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Previously, it was confirmed that LoL Wild Rift Open Beta will be available on Android and iOS devices on October 28th.

However, due to technical issues Riot had to resolve, they decided to postpone the release date of Open Beta Wild Rift.

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Until now, Riot has been unable to provide reliable information as to when this issue will be resolved and the regional open beta will resume.

However, they hope that on October 29, 2022, all players in the ASEAN region, Japan and South Korea will have access to the open beta.

LoL Wild Rift Release Date Schedule

We also hope that the LoL Wildlift Open Beta will open soon and you can try out this new mobile MOBA game!

Check out Riot Games to postpone the release of LoL Wild Rift Open Beta! For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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