The Reason Why BTR Ryzen Often Uses M416 Weapons During Tournaments

GridGames.ID – Games battle royale from tencent PUBG Mobile is indeed very interesting to discuss, especially when connected to pro player esports.

This game full of strategy really needs accuracy in every action taken.

That’s why pro player continues to be interesting to see from either side personality or even side gameplay which he played.

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BTR Ryzen is one of the roster of the Bigetron RA professional team, and is one of the most talked about players.

In several matches conducted by BTR Ryzen, he often uses an M416 type Assault-Rifle weapon.

M416, PUBGM Weapon

GridGames/Teguh Wicaksana

M416, PUBGM Weapon

Talking about weapons first, the M416 in PUBG Mobile is one of the Assault-Rifle weapons with attachments the most.

In that sense, the weapon can be combined more with attachments others, such as muzzle, scope, stock, mag and grip.

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