The PUBG Mobile Champion Cup Qualifier Round Followed by More Than 15 Thousand Participants

Solo qualifier PUBG Mobile Jawara Cup


Solo qualifier PUBG Mobile Jawara Cup

GridGames.ID – After being inaugurated last September, PUBG Mobile held the PUBG Mobile Jawara Cup qualifier round which started yesterday (8/10).

Jawara Cup is PUBG Mobile Indonesia’s largest community tournament to show the best abilities of the communities who are members of the PUBG Mobile Jawara Community (PMJC).

Registration for the Jawara Cup itself has been opened on September 9-30 online via

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For the first time, the Jawara Cup managed to collect 15,127 players who were ready to compete.

Out of 15,127 players, 3,819 players registered in the solo player category.

Meanwhile, 11,308 other players registered in the squad player category where one squad consists of four players to form 2,827 squads.

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PUBG Mobile Indonesia divides the categories of solo and squad players at this time’s Jawara Cup.

Of course, this division of categories is not without reason, guys!


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