The price of Seriboy and Ahmad is higher than the price of Lemon, which is what the owner Alter Ego says!

The owner of Alter Ego said that the price of Seriboy and Ahmad is higher than that of Lemon!

Today, Indonesia’s Mobile Legends pro scene is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of viewers who are very much looking forward to the hero team fighting in the famous Mobile Legends tournament.

In this regard, even the name of the Indonesian mobile legend scene is soaring, and the transfer pricing of players / professional players is also soaring.

Like the prices of RRQ Lemon and Evos Oura (if you’re still a player), both are worth 15 billion or one slot to play in MPL Indonesia.

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Alter ego mpl season 6
Photo by alter ego

And recently it turned out that there was a player as expensive as the two players, he is Celiboy and also Ahmad of Alter Ego.

Alter ego will be rewarded with Rp1 trillion, even if some team wants to buy both. Much higher price than lemon or aura.

All this was revealed by Alter Ego owner Delwyn Sukamto in a video with Celiboy on Nimo TV Celiboy a while back.

Of course, this is the right of the Alter Ego owner to put a price tag on the two star players.

Even the CEO of Alter Ego can have two players on a perpetual contract. Because it’s his player and Delwyn Sukamto’s decisions or rights are what he wants.

However, these two players are so identical to the team with the three-sided logo that it is very likely that they will not be released by Alter Ego.

Without something that will change everything in the future. For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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