The Price Is Unreasonable! This is the List of the Most Expensive Game Items in the World

GridGames.ID – Items in a game have different values ​​for the players.

Each item itself has a different function, some are for survival in the game, until there are items that are only used for style.

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The following are the most expensive game items ever in the virtual world and the real world that we have summarized from Nextren.

1. Intense Hora Akeron +6

Item 1


Item 1

This item functions as a weapon in the RF Classic game.

This weapon can only be used by the Accretians because this weapon is a launcher type.

The damage from this weapon is unquestionable.

This weapon can deal an attack of 8356.

Furthermore, this weapon was purchased at a price of 72 million rupiah.

This is because the level of difficulty to get this weapon and the process of forging it requires very extra patience.

2. Wulin Sword

Item 1


Item 1

One of the Chinese online games specifically issued an item to celebrate Christmas.

The item in the Age of Wulin game is in the form of a sword.

This sword is considered to have strength that exceeds the weapon items in this one game.

Therefore, the makers of this game sell these weapons with an auction system.

Unexpectedly, this one item was successfully sold at a price of 220 million Rupiah.

A very dizzying price for a virtual sword.

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3. Legacy Ethereal Flame Wardog

Item 1


Item 1

Dota 2 is a game that is already famous for having various items.

Items in Dota 2 itself, consisting of weapon skins, 1 set of skins, and couriers.

The most expensive item from dota 2 comes from the courier item.

The courier has a very different form from the courier in Dota 2.

In addition, this item emits fire around its body which causes a cool effect for Dota 2 players.

For the price itself, this courier is priced at 500 million Rupiah.

With that price we can get a luxury car.

4. Key of Heaven

Item 1


Item 1

Next, an item from an online game that is quite old in Indonesia.

Ragnarok created a new sensation in the world of Indonesian games.

In this game, an auction item has been sold which is worth 900 million Rupiah.

This item was successfully purchased by a player from Indonesia.

In addition, this item only provides an additional 50% speed effect.

With this horse item, we can get more than one real horse.

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5. Club Never Die

Item 1


Item 1

Gamers will definitely be amazed if they know the price of this one item.

Unlike the other items, this one is in the form of a vast virtual asteroid that can be filled with anything you want.

Buyers of this item turn it into a means to make money online.

This asteroid has undergone changes and has become a club that is often visited by gamers.

Players can do farming, rest, party, and even on this asteroid provided a place to exercise online.

This item is priced at 1.4 billion Rupiah.

The value of this item continues to grow because it has a very large profit value every year.


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