The Positive Side of Reducing the Number of SEA Games Esports Athletes in 2022

Some time ago, Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI) make a new breakthrough in screening the best players in the field esports of various kinds games to represent Indonesia in the event SEA Games 2022 held in Hanoi, Vietnamnext May.

Starting from recruiting pro player who are able to penetrate international tournaments to attract young talents from all over Indonesia, PBESI held a National Selection (Selection) for prospective Indonesian national team players for the 2022 SEA Games with a more open system than the previous edition.

The National Training (Pelatnas) which lasted for 10 days finally resulted in 66 best athletes from 9 games (10 branch numbers) along with the coaches who have been selected from each branch.

With a burning spirit plus more intensive training than the previous edition, these proud Indonesian athletes are ready to take them home 5 gold medals targeted by PBESI at the 2022 SEA Games Vietnam.


Unfortunately, haven’t had time to go to mainland Vietnam, PBESI and the athletes esports We have to accept the harsh reality that not all branch numbers can go to represent Indonesia at the 2022 SEA Games.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Decides to Cut the Number of Athletes Departing for the 2022 SEA Games

source: Kemenpora RI

Through the Announcement of the Indonesian Contingent for the 2022 SEA Games Hanoi in Vietnam in 2022, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora RI) announce 476 athletes from 31 sports (sports) which will depart for the 2022 SEA Games.

The number is down 43.4% compared to the 2022 Philippines SEA Games which dispatched 841 athletes. This decrease in the number of athletes is the result of a decision PPON Review Team formed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The reduction in the number of athletes is because the Ministry of Youth and Sports is targeting better results for the Olympics and the Asian Games, so sending athletes with more potential to get achievements is prioritized at the SEA Games this time.

In addition, the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic that is still engulfing the country is also one of the reasons. The division of funding concentration makes the reduction of athletes inevitably have to be done so that the achievements obtained remain maximal.

“This is the result review we are a combination of all stakeholders sport. I ask that there are sports that were not selected because we need to know that together with our main target the Olympics and the SEA Games are targets between us to go to a higher level,” said Menpora Zainudin Amali.

A total of 14 sports were forced not to depart, and some of them are sports that are popular among the Indonesian people, such as futsal, table tennis, to billiards.

There are several reasons the Review Team and the Ministry of Youth and Sports decided not to send the sport, namely there is no track record of achievement, no chance of medals, and has organizational problems.

Esports Branch Still Departing, But…

Of the 14 sports that are not included in the 2022 SEA Games Hanoi, the Esports branch not included in the list and it is recorded that it will still be dispatched to events the Southeast Asian sport.

However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports continues to review in the esports branch, so that almost half of the athletes from the initial announcement did not represent Indonesia.

This is because Esports is only given a quota 38 athletes and 12 official accredited who was dispatched to the 2022 SEA Games, based on the decision of the PPON Review Team of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Results review This made PBESI and the National Team Body decide not to continue the 2022 SEA Games National Training Center program for 4 Esports branches, namely:

  1. Arena of Valor
  2. League of Legends PC
  3. League of Legends Wild Rift Men
  4. League of Legends Wild Rift Women.

Through press release published by PBESI on May 4, 2022, PBESI explained the reasons for reducing the number of athletes esports due to budget efficiency. The Ministry of Youth and Sports chose to make budget efficiency so that they could focus better on facing the 2022 Asian Games and 2022 Olympics.

Lessons Learned from Cutting the Number of Esports Athletes

Cancel the departure of 4 numbers esports This is certainly bad news, good for the fans esports Indonesia and athletes who play in that number.

The esports branch itself leaves 38 athletes and 12 players official of the 6 numbers that will go to Hanoi to represent Indonesia, namely:

  1. Mobile Legends
  2. PUBG Mobile (Solo and Team)
  3. Free Fire
  4. Crossfire
  5. FIFA Online 4

Despite the decision to reduce the number of athletes esports at the SEA Games 2022 it’s quite disappointing, fans esports At least Indonesia can still be grateful because this branch is still leaving for Vietnam in May 2022.

Esports is not completely “suffering” like futsal or table tennis which cannot represent Indonesia at the 2022 SEA Games. We can still see idols pro player we competed against other countries to fight for gold which in the previous edition failed to be achieved by representatives of Indonesia.

Moreover, the esports branch itself is still relatively new in the national sports scene. So, getting recognition at PON XX yesterday and being included in the SEA Games is a blessing for those of us who are involved in the esports scene, either as fans, players, or observers.

Instead of complaining about the decision to reduce the number of this contingent, it’s better for us to stay positive and support those who will compete in the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games, come on!

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