The Pillars, Ariel NOAH Esports Team Announce Their First Division

The Pillars Claymore


The Pillars Claymore

GridGamesID – Some time ago Ariel NOAH made a surprise appearance in a teaser video for a new esports team called The Pillars.

At the same time Ariel announced that The Pillars will soon enter the world of esports.

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The Pillars Instagram account also invites fans to guess what division will be born from The Pillars first.

The mystery was finally solved.

On Friday (10/1/2020), The Pillars finally announced that the Free Fire division is the first division they have introduced.

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In the introductory post, Ariel appears with 5 roster who will fight in the division.

This Free Fire squad is named The Pillars Claymore.

The roster is Akrim ‘Azura’ Fajri, Aditya ‘Fluxys’ Maulana, ‘Geral’ Geraldio, Ramadhan ‘Skyzeeroo’ Saputra, and Edo ‘Kitket’ Saputra.

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