The mystery of a farewell speech from Evos members? | Spin

Not long ago, I was surprised by the scent of farewells spoken by members and players of the Evos Legends team. Instagram posts from Evos members such as Rekt, Wannn, Rexxy, and Butts posted farewell posts.

Each player’s Instagram post contains farewell captions such as farewell and good luck. Meanwhile, the jersey of Zaze that Butts has is attracting attention on the photo display.

The purpose of this post isn’t clear yet, but it’s certainly a farewell scent. You can see this for yourself from the Instagram caption of the Evos member in the photo.

Source: zeys

We ourselves have a personal opinion about this post and consider it really a farewell message. But in more detail, the version of our post has three implications.

First, this is a message to Zeys, who is most likely to leave Evos Legends from the coach. However, his departure is not another game or another team, and he stays at Evos to become a player, as his rumors as a player used to grow rapidly in the Mobile Legends Indonesia pro scene. ..

Second, by chance, the photo shows a farewell to Zeys’ old Evos jersey. Indeed, it’s true that Evos released the latest jersey for Season 6 a few months later. The jersey has been officially released and can be found on Evos’ official Instagram account.

The three were Luminaire’s farewells. We think it’s a farewell to Luminea, who has recently been rumored to be leaving the professional scene to continue his education. Also, in the photo, he was still an Evos Legends player. There is no lighting fixture to be in the GH in case.

These three things are just speculation. Yes, it’s a spinner from us. I’m still skeptical about the truth. Do you agree with our opinion or do you have your own opinion that makes more sense? Don’t forget to visit website To get the latest news about eSports

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