The most accurate way to check LINE is bugged or not

Definitely annoyed, yes, because there are so many how to tap a cellphone, especially Android. Not only SMS and phone calls, even social media such as WhatsApp and LINE are also victims.

Moreover, recently there have been widespread mobile phone tapping applications that make it easier for hackers to retrieve data from other people’s smartphones.

But don’t worry guys, because this time we want to discuss how to check whether LINE is bugged or not by other people. So, just watch it, guys.

Must Know! How to check LINE is bugged by someone else

To check LINE that is being tapped, the method is very easy, you know, guys. Come on! Just take a look how to check it below.

1. The Message Has Been Opened Even If You Haven’t Opened It

check line bugged

The message has been opened even though you haven’t opened it

The first characteristics that can be felt when your LINE is being tapped by someone else is a message that opens suddenly, even though you haven’t opened the message.

Especially now that there are many ways to tap other people’s LINE. Wow, you have to be careful if you experience this, it could be LINE you are being bugged by someone else

2. Check List of Connected Devices

Check Device List

Check Device List

Just like WhatsApp which has the WhatsApp Web feature, LINE also has this feature. Well, if you have never scanned a QR Code anywhere else, then in this section there will be no connected devices.

However, if there is a connected device, you can be sure that your LINE application has been tapped by someone else.

Those are the characteristics of LINE being tapped, this time let’s discuss how overcome this. Just look below!

Here’s How Overcoming LINE Bumped

1. Sign Out of All Connected Devices

As explained earlier, if on the “Device List” menu there are several devices connected to your LINE, then someone is tapping your LINE application, guys.

To solve this, all you have to do is remove all connected devices in the Device List. Here are the steps:

  • Open your LINE application, then enter the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, you select the Account menu.
Select Account Menu

Select Account Menu

  • There are various kinds of menus, one of which is “Device List“. Select the menu, then several devices connected to your LINE will appear. If you never feel logged in to the account, just select “logout”.
View Connected Devices

see Connected Devices

2. Turn off the “Allow Login” Feature

On LINE, there is an Allow Login feature, where the user can login via a PC. But to minimize the possibility of your LINE being tapped, it’s a good idea to disable this feature.

Here’s how to disable it:

  • Enter menu Arrangement in the LINE application. Then you select the menu Account.
Select Account Menu

Select Account Menu

  • In section “Allow Login“You just turn off the feature.
Turn off the Allow Login feature

Turn off Features Allow Login

3. Lock Your LINE App

Well, another way that you can use to avoid tapping is to lock your LINE application, guys.

So for nosy hands who intend to steal your data, it won’t work after seeing your LINE application locked. To lock the LINE application, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the LINE application, then enter the “Arrangement“. Next you select the menu “Privacy“.
Select Privacy Menu

Select Privacy Menu

  • Check the “Passcode Lock“. Next, enter the password you want to use. Make sure people don’t know the password.
LINE App Lock

LINE App Lock

  • So every time you want to open the LINE application, you must enter Password first.
Enter the passcode every time you open LINE

Enter the passcode every time you open LINE

Well, that’s how LINE checks are bugged. Is it really easy guys? Do not forget share this article to your friends yes!

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