The MDL ID Season 3 team will clean up and add a roster!

The MDL ID Season 3 team will clean up and add a roster!

Several teams have added rosters to patch and enhance this MDL ID Season 3.

Some teams such as RRQ Sena, XCN West Bandits and AURA Esports have already added players.

Have a name RRQ Senna’s Scale then XCN Morena and Sheep And AURA Esports Tezet and Renz.

Since then, some teams have added or reduced players slightly in MDL ID Season 3.

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Like the AURA Esports that left Drew and variety To their MPL ID Season 7 Team AURA FIRE.

Aura variety
Source: ig @ aura.variety

Then there is the added Bigetron Bravo BTR Cardo To their squad.

And more recently, two teams from MDL ID Season 3, Genflix Aerowolf Jr and Red Bull Rebellion, have been overhauled.

Two players will join the Genflix Aerowolf Jr team.Have a name Xwin (tanker) and Seventh (offlaner).

The exit of the two players is reportedly related to the manager’s flat issue.

And they have two new names: Benzo and Kenshin, It is not yet known what role these two players will play.

One player participates in the Red Bull Rebellion team.Have a name Luxville It came out.And there is a name Socia pot Those who entered.

These are the additions and reductions to the MDL ID Season 3 team roster. Of course, these teams want to be able to win more to secure a place for the playoffs.

Changes in MDL ID Season 3 will not change the MPL ID Season 7 roster.

The same is true for the AURA Esports and AURA FIRE teams. Coupled with new patches, it’s not impossible for a hero like Bain to reappear in META.

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