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Real Madrid DLS Kits 2022

Real Madrid DLS Kits – Dreaming or aspiring to be a football club manager who can buy the world’s top players and determine other policies in the form of Kits, Sponsors, and club equipment is something that looks easy but is actually difficult to do. If you have such aspirations, it would be better if you try to play the game Dream League Soccer or DLS.

You can download and install DLS from the application store available on your smartphone. Well, maybe most of you who are reading this article have already downloaded and played DLS games. If this is the case, surely you are looking for Kits for your favorite club, such as Real Madrid. The pride of the Spaniards, especially Madrid, is one of the best clubs in the world

So far, Real Madrid has won many championships in the local and Champions leagues, including the World. But unfortunately lately the performance of the club’s arch enemy Barcelona is having a bad season after being left by Ronaldo and the coach Zidane. Now Madrid is trying to bounce back after Zidane came back to train, will Ronaldo be reluctant to come back

In DLS games you can bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid along with other world’s top players. Even though this is just an ordinary game, you will feel a very deep longing when you can gather the players who once triumphed in Madrid to replay with the beloved club of the Spanish people and the people of the world. Read Persib Bandung DLS Kit Shopee Liga 1

Well, on this good occasion we will not teach you to buy players and manage a club, because we believe you are already thighs, and know better than us. We will use this good momentum to share Real Madrid DLS Kits. Of course this is very important for you, so please read on and continue reading to download

DLS (Dream League Soccer) Overview Information

You also need to know, besides you act to manage the club, you can also be a player. In the sense of not being a player on the gridiron, but being a player who manages the game when you have compiled and determined the best kit for the club you manage, such as Real Madrid. How is it interesting enough?

In addition to Real Madrid, in the previous discussion we have also discussed a lot about Club and National Team Kits, if you are interested you can download it in our previous post. Well, specifically in this discussion, we will only share the Latest Real Madrid DLS Kits. The costumes available are also quite complete, there are home jersey, away jersey, and goalkeeper jersey. This will make the appearance more fierce

Download the Latest Real Madrid DLS Kits

Now your task, please click on the download button that we have prepared, later you will be taken to the mediafire page, you also don’t need to be complicated to download, with just one click then you can get Kits for your favorite club. Another good news you can get these Kits for free without being charged or paid. Immediately, please download on the button below


That’s the Kits DLS file that you need to download and have. Please just tap on the link that is already available so that you can immediately have it and use it immediately. Please also try other Kits if you really want to try it.

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The final word

That’s all we can share and explain to you, hopefully Real Madrid DLS Kits you can put this to good use. See you on Kit updates for other clubs. Make sure you diligently visit

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