The latest OB23 Free Fire update for July 2022 leaked!

Free Fire is a battle royale game known for its uniqueness compared to other games of the same genre. Fun events, unique gameplay, and endless updates are why FF players love this game so much. Now, at the end of July, Free Fire is rumored to release a big update that will amaze FF players with new characters, new pets, and new weapons. This is the latest leaked OB23 in July 2022. Free Fire (FF) update.

Characters from Lucas Free Fire

According to the leak received, with the OB23 July 2022 update, Free Fire players will receive a new character named Lucas. Lucas’ character model was inspired by a Brazilian professional soccer player. If you use this character, you have the skill to increase the maximum HP (health points) every time you defeat an enemy, so if you defeat a large number of enemies, you can aim for over 200 HP!

Pet penguins

With this OB23 update, Free Fire enthusiasts will also receive new pets. Yes, my pet is a penguins. Penguins are animals that can survive the winter due to their thickness and camouflage technology.

No further information is available on the skill and final appearance of pet penguins, but I’m sure it has something to do with the penguins’ physique. As we approach the release date of the OB23 update, there will be more leaks about pet penguins.

August weapons

Free Fire also gets the latest weapons with the OB23 update! This time the weapon is AUG. If you’re playing Counter-Strike or Point Blank games, this one weapon is no longer rare. AUG is an assault rifle that can be found in the latest OB23 update.

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The AUG is reportedly a very powerful and powerful weapon, and you can attach any kind of attachment to this one weapon, including silencers, muzzles, scopes, and more. Find these in your favorite loot locations, not just airdrops!

This is the latest leaked OB23 Free Fire (FF) update for July 2022. Can’t wait for Spinner to try? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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